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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stomach pain after eating? Eyes tired too?

In our modern hectic lives, we often experience it every day (or maybe just me...)
Sometimes it even escalated to diarrhea...
After hours of suffering, I invented a new quick relief for myself...

Stand up, close your eyes, hold on to something (so u won't bump into stuff) & take deep breaths while taking a few steps back & forth for a few mins until u feel better

I tried it a few times & it works!
It helps both your eyes & stomach feel better, double relief!

Then go relieve yourself for triple relief (I'm serious)
Repeat previous steps while u're on the way
That's right, close your eyes, walk back & forth to the loo
(I'm kidding)

Try before u laugh till your stomach hurts even worse
Then laugh till u cry so your tears can soothe your eyes
(sounds pretty logical right?)

For improved effects, use eye drops for your eyes & drink some blood

...if u're a vampire... cos more blood circulation improves digestion... just a theory...
(I'll send my exclusive blood to u for free only if u get free cash here & send me identification proof that u're a vamp, preferably your fangs)
None for humans!
(I hate people, don't take it personally)
Just drink your plain OLD water (not too much else u'll feel bloated)

Do remember that this is only a fast, short-term relief
If u have more time to spare, do 20-30mins walk outdoors

Plz comment & share if this works for u if u hate me too <3

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