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Friday, July 20, 2012

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

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Saturday, July 7, 2012


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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises™ tickets free giveaway

HardwareZoneMalaysia is giving away 10 pairs of The Dark Knight Rises™ tickets
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Friday, June 29, 2012

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Save the turtles!

Even small things you do could change the world
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Samsung GALAXY mini 2

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Japanese Accessories giveaway (Ends 28 June 2012)

Japanese Accessories giveaway:
Ends 28 June 2012

Forex tips, Learn Forex, How to start Forex trading

Anyone who tells you trading Forex is "get rich quick" is hiding the truth from you
The fact is you need to actually take time to learn, study & experience Forex before you can actually earn money
If you're serious about earning money consistently, you must first know & understand how to trade Forex
To be a successful Forex trader, it's about applying strategies that will make you consistent profits daily, not "get rich quick" overnight

Forex is not "get rich quick", it's an education
Education: The theory and practice of teaching
Learn theories, strategies & gain experience by practicing on demo accounts before trading Forex for real

1 of the top reasons most people lose money in Forex is because they rush in without the proper knowledge & experience, thinking it's easy to earn money in Forex 
You must first learn how to trade Forex & have enough experience 

Learning Forex can be complicated
There are simply too many theories & strategies
If you start to get confused, stick to the basics
In fact, basic strategies often have higher chances of success 
It's better to stick to the simple basics unless they don't apply 
Learn how to find basic patterns, as it's human nature to be habitual
Once you've identified a pattern, you should be able to predict the outcome & profit from it

Money management: It's crucial to know when to stop, loss or profit, always set stop loss or you might lose it all
Greed & fear are also one of the top reasons people lose money in Forex
Greed comes when you know you should take profit but want more
Taking profit is better than giving it a chance to turn into a loss
Fear comes when you know you should stop loss but fear losing money
Losing less is better than losing more
Don't let your feelings get in your way

Trade small amounts to minimize your risks
Earning small consistent profits while risking only small amounts is always better than earning big profits but suddenly lose it all
Why small profits when I can earn big?
Again, Forex is about earning consistently, not get rich quick
Focus on minimizing your risks
Remember, the Forex market is highly volatile, so if you decide to risk higher, it's at your own risk, just make sure you're very certain about it & can afford to lose it
Cut your losses when the price is going against you, Forex prices tend to trend, follow the trends
Discipline: Don't be too stubborn to admit if you're wrong, it's better than losing more money

Try to close positions before news releases, because news can cause major changes in prices & start different trends
Follow significant trends after news releases

Find reliable news releases-
Free Forex news calendar:
Choose a good learning center-
Free Forex education (Top rated):
Choose a good broker to start with-
Free unlimited demo account + Free no deposit bonus + Free 30% bonus: Plus500 (Plus500 review)
(Plus500 has over a million clients & growing) 

For those from USA, your options for brokers are quite limited as most brokers don't allow US clients
EtoroUSA is one of the few that allows US clients
Etoro & EtoroUSA are also one of the most user-friendly brokers

Knowledge, discipline & experience is key to success in Forex
Start by learning Forex, practice what you've learned in demo accounts, then trade Forex for real only when you're ready
If you feel that it's not suitable for you, or just want to confirm your strategies, you can use Etoro's CopyTrade or AvaFX's MirrorTrader
Both allows you to copy top traders' success 
Etoro is recommended for beginners (easy to use, good customer support)

Another one of the top reasons people lose money in Forex is- Low capital
You might not be able to recoup your losses before you even start earning as losses are inevitable because of Forex market's volatility 
The key is knowing how to minimize your losses & profit consistently
Even if you copy trades, you'll also need a decent amount to start
It's best to consult the traders you follow about the starting capital you need

Don't rush & use the free bonuses just because it's free when you can multiply it & actually earn for life after enough learning & practice
Many people rush into it without enough Forex education, experience or capital & ended up losing it all
Think of it as just a small welcome bonus, not a capital for trading Forex or free money you can simply lose
Treat it as your own money, as you can withdraw everything you earned after fulfilling terms & conditions

Learn the terms & read the User Agreement to avoid breaking any rules
Many people rushed into it without knowing the terms because it's "free money" & ended up not being able to withdraw because they broke some rules

Stop thinking of Forex as "get rich quick" to avoid "losing money quick" instead
Remember that to be successful in Forex, it's necessary to have the proper education & experience 
Profit consistently, not get rich overnight but lose it all the next time
Slowly & steadily build up your account & you might be able to earn a living trading Forex alone

Only invest what you can afford to lose, this applies to any investments
Remember the Facebook IPO hype? That's a good example not to invest too much even if you're very confident
Also diversify, don't just invest in 1 or 2 stocks/currencies

Tips: All brokers are not perfect, Etoro & AvaFX have small bonuses but allow you to copy trades & even have personal coaches to guide you
Plus500 have huge bonuses but doesn't have CopyTrade or personal coaches
Combine Plus500 & Etoro/AvaFX to gain all the benefits

Disclaimer: Forex trading involves substantial risk of gain & loss, and may not be suitable for everyone.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

HardwareZoneMalaysia Contest

HardwareZoneMalaysia is giving away free stuff!
To enter the contest, click here for more details

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random simple diet tip

Random simple diet tip:
Drink some water if u think your stomach is telling your brain that u feel hungry

Your stomach- Bad Guy
Your Brain- Counter Terrorist Unit (from TV series: 24)
Water- Jack Bauer

Bring Jack in to find out if the Bad Guy is lying!
Watch 24 if u don't understand

Weebly closes sites & accounts without warning

Weebly closed my sites & account without warning, saying their TOS doesn't allow Forex, labeling it as a "get rich quick" dubious scheme, only after I emailed them several times...
Do they even know how Forex actually works?
It's only "get rich or lose money quick" if u don't have enough knowledge or experience of trading Forex
Same as any kind of business, if u open a shop without having enough business knowledge, u will also lose money quickly
Does that mean any business is "get rich or lose money quick" too?
Why not close all other sites that have any business too?

If u have enough Forex knowledge & experience, it's the same as earning money doing businesses
Forex knowledge & strategies are provided on the web, such as, where people can learn Forex for free
People can gain Forex experience by using free demo accounts & test strategies to see what works best for them

Every experienced Forex trader will tell u that to really earn from trading Forex, it's all about strategies that will make u consistent profits daily, not "get rich quick"

Once u understand how Forex actually works, u'll know that it isn't "get rich or lose money quick"
1st, u have to learn about Forex, study the strategies, then put the knowledge into use by using free demo accounts, 
test which strategies work best & gain experience doing so

How is "learn, study, test, experience" any different than what people do in schools?

Trading Forex is actually hard work that requires months of learning, training & experience
Is this what they call "get rich quick"?
People are given the chance to gain real experience & avoid losing money mistakes & change their strategies until they find which strategies works best for them, all of that, risk free using free demo accounts for months as they wish
They can even choose not to trade Forex for real if they feel that it's not for them
Is this what they call "lose money quick"?

There's even a free no deposit bonus for u to try Forex for real without risking any of your money

Not only can u withdraw bonus & earnings, everything once u unlocked it, u won't need to pay anything even if u lose it all

Two Rules for Success...

How to relieve stress? How to be happy?

(Found this on pinterest) Wow, I thought I was the only one...
I'm almost exactly the same as described... except that I'm not a girl, not yet a woman... Joking, I'm a guy
I'm not really smart, just over-think too much...
I prefer friends who are the total opposite, because I know how stressful it is... I can do the over-analyzing & worrying for them if necessary... (only in life & death situation) Just kidding

I had a friend like that once (happy go lucky, carefree) in high-school, being around him is so stress-relieving...
No stress, no tension,
I can shutoff my mind, let my guards down around him,
be who I am, be like him, (what? I also don't understand my contradicting self...maybe I have split personality, maybe I just need a balance, one to just be happy & carefree, one to think a lot & protect myself)
not worry of being judged...
U know high-school, 99% of judgmental people...
Even now, the society is very judgmental, that's why I hate most people...

They even ranked him the most unpopular person / an outcast (I don't really know why, guess they needed a "most unpopular person" to feel better about themselves)
While I was labeled "popular" (not hot kind of popular) but just because I'm "cool" & quiet
Because I'm always looking down at the ground thinking & they say I look "cool" Seriously?
Who cares about popularity or looks when u have a friend that u can laugh & have fun with?
Wish I can find another friend like that...
So hard for me to actually trust someone...

Don't know why  but even though over-analyzing is stressful, sometimes I still love it...
Do I have a problem? Do I take pleasure in pain, suffering & stress? (mentally)
Omg, my head's gonna explode... again
Time to shutoff my mind, maybe watch some comedies...
Wait, which one should I watch? or should I do something else? Let me think... [analysis paralysis]...argh!
Oh yeah, screaming helps to relieve stress too

How to relieve stress? How to be happy?
Just stop thinking or worrying too much all the time 
Be happy & carefree once in a while
Scream like a girl once in a while...
Have happy go lucky friends to share your fun & happiness
Don't care what society thinks
Have fun (good comedies always make me laugh & relieve my stress)

Here comes more of my over-analyzing & research... (I just can't help it...)
That explains how it works, the science behind it
Apparently, u can also prolong your life & even lose weight by watching comedies...
Comedies I recommend (Ended): Friends, Scrubs, Arrested Development
(Ongoing): 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men
For a little more than just laughs: Psych, Monk & Leverage are also good TV shows that have a good combination of laughter & wit

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Piranha 3DD parody


Piranha 3DD Parody: How the Piranhas got killed

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Let's eat via internet (New way of eating)

Visualize eating, Imaginary eating, satisfy cravings, cure binge, eat less & lose weight
Science behind it: When u imagine eating, Dopamine is released
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is associated with pleasure and satiety
Your brain will react as if u're really eating it

Personally, I always eat while visualizing guilty pleasures
If I concentrate enough & let my saliva slowly mix into my food, it'll actually taste better
If I have a craving & starving or decide to binge, I'll just eat something fulfilling while visualizing eating my guilty pleasures
Here's pictures that help me visualize better & indulge in my guilty pleasures:
U can create your own too, follow me for updates & I'll follow u back
Let's use our imagination & slowly indulge in our guilty pleasures...
Let's eat via images from the internet

Use real visuals (pictures) & mouth movements to strengthen you imagination
Slowly open your mouth & try to eat it...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lindsay Lohan hit by a truck

Lindsay Lohan in a Porsche with a male assistant...
Oh, and a truck accident too
This is just sad...
Poor Porsche...

Al Qaeda is offering camels & chickens for Obama & Hillary

The US is offering $33 million for Al Qaeda leaders
Al Qaeda is offering 10 camels & 20 chickens for Obama & Hillary

My secret thoughts: What a ripoff! This is totally unfair! Al Qaeda's paying too much...


Sick of being nice... I wanna be evil

Sick of being nice...
I wanna be evil

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Men are either dumb, jerks or nerds?


I'm not a jerk, I'm just a Badass

Secret Love Letter Exposed!

I received a secret love letter...
in the form of an arrow message
Cupid's arrow, how romantic <3

It says:
I'm your secret admirer
& I just want u to know...
I'll always watch over u 
I'll always be there for u
U'll never be alone, in the dark (even when u're sleeping)
I'll keep your deepest darkest secrets (nobody will ever find out about your bedwetting)
My shrink says I'm crazy (crazy in love with u!)
& I just wanna let u know that I'll never let u go (ever)

What a lovely girl!
Ouch my ass! Damn that arrow...

News: Doctors accidentally tear baby's head off...

News source:

Explosive car accident right in front of your eyes

Forbes' About me...

Forbes' funny weird Personal Questions:
Forbes' WTF Personal Q&A... What's their agenda?
I wasn't serious so plz stop laughing at me...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How the world will end in 2012 (Avengers Edition)

Captain America: O.M.G. Can't take my eyes off his pants...
Iron Man:Damn! It looks so.. Incredible...
Captain America: Even after gaining massive pounds on his green fat ass,
his pants are still so.. Invincible...
Iron Man: I bet they're Inflatable...

Next day...
Hulk raged before the whole world
That marked the end of the world, 2012
His last words were... "Who STOLE my PANTS?!!!"
Humanity's last words were..."My eyes! My eyes!"

All seriousness aside... I mean silliness, NASA reveals the truth:

Monday, June 4, 2012

How to earn more than the average expert trader

How to earn more than the average expert trader

Edit: Link's dead, Weebly closed my sites & accounts, saying it doesn't allow Forex, labeling it as a "get rich quick" dubious scheme

How to win trades easily- Forex for dummies

How to win trades easily- Forex for dummies

Edit: Link's dead, Weebly closed my sites & accounts, saying it doesn't allow Forex, labeling it as a "get rich quick" dubious scheme

100% Sure Win Strategy - How to invest smartly

100% Sure Win Strategy - How to invest smartly

Edit: Link's dead, Weebly closed my sites & accounts, saying it doesn't allow Forex, labeling it as a "get rich quick" dubious scheme

Take advantage of Facebook's price drop. Free $25 Bonus up to $10,000! - Plus500

Take advantage of Facebook's price drop. Free $25 Bonus up to $10,000! - Plus500

Link's dead, Click here instead
Weebly closed my sites & accounts, saying it doesn't allow Forex, labeling it as a "get rich quick" dubious scheme

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Play free & win real prizes on new Facebook app

 Founder of MySpace, Tom Anderson, created a new "social gaming venture" called RocketFrog
U can play for free & win real prizes!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bank lie, cheat & steal

I got a $50 check from overseas
Bank said they need to send it to another branch overseas to verify it
Later they told me that their branch overseas somehow lost it, but didn't want to admit their mistake & say they never received it
I asked, don't u have proof that u sent it?
They said no & there's nothing they can do
Then they even asked me to sign a waiver that they're not responsible!

Took my money, lost it, lied & denied, then forced me to say they're not responsible...
How ridiculous is that?!!
Beware of RHB bank
I guess RHB stands for... Rob Him Blind!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to buy/sell Facebook Stock?

How to buy sell Facebook Stock? (The easy & no commitment way) "the way guys like it"

First, get a ton of money. Like a Free $25+30% bonus. I am talking up to $10,000.
Then open an account at, but only open the account if they promise you Facebook stock, fast execution & zero commissions, which they do.

Finally, take advantage of the price drop & <sell> Facebook stock.
If it starts to rise steadily, ditch your selling positions for a profit & start a new relationship, <buying> (her love) if u put your trust in Facebook. (really, seriously?)

Also, pimp this Free bonus for a few hundred bucks per person
or simply share it on Facebook by saying "Profit from Facebook stock's downfall!"