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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weebly closes sites & accounts without warning

Weebly closed my sites & account without warning, saying their TOS doesn't allow Forex, labeling it as a "get rich quick" dubious scheme, only after I emailed them several times...
Do they even know how Forex actually works?
It's only "get rich or lose money quick" if u don't have enough knowledge or experience of trading Forex
Same as any kind of business, if u open a shop without having enough business knowledge, u will also lose money quickly
Does that mean any business is "get rich or lose money quick" too?
Why not close all other sites that have any business too?

If u have enough Forex knowledge & experience, it's the same as earning money doing businesses
Forex knowledge & strategies are provided on the web, such as, where people can learn Forex for free
People can gain Forex experience by using free demo accounts & test strategies to see what works best for them

Every experienced Forex trader will tell u that to really earn from trading Forex, it's all about strategies that will make u consistent profits daily, not "get rich quick"

Once u understand how Forex actually works, u'll know that it isn't "get rich or lose money quick"
1st, u have to learn about Forex, study the strategies, then put the knowledge into use by using free demo accounts, 
test which strategies work best & gain experience doing so

How is "learn, study, test, experience" any different than what people do in schools?

Trading Forex is actually hard work that requires months of learning, training & experience
Is this what they call "get rich quick"?
People are given the chance to gain real experience & avoid losing money mistakes & change their strategies until they find which strategies works best for them, all of that, risk free using free demo accounts for months as they wish
They can even choose not to trade Forex for real if they feel that it's not for them
Is this what they call "lose money quick"?

There's even a free no deposit bonus for u to try Forex for real without risking any of your money

Not only can u withdraw bonus & earnings, everything once u unlocked it, u won't need to pay anything even if u lose it all

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