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Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to relieve stress? How to be happy?

(Found this on pinterest) Wow, I thought I was the only one...
I'm almost exactly the same as described... except that I'm not a girl, not yet a woman... Joking, I'm a guy
I'm not really smart, just over-think too much...
I prefer friends who are the total opposite, because I know how stressful it is... I can do the over-analyzing & worrying for them if necessary... (only in life & death situation) Just kidding

I had a friend like that once (happy go lucky, carefree) in high-school, being around him is so stress-relieving...
No stress, no tension,
I can shutoff my mind, let my guards down around him,
be who I am, be like him, (what? I also don't understand my contradicting self...maybe I have split personality, maybe I just need a balance, one to just be happy & carefree, one to think a lot & protect myself)
not worry of being judged...
U know high-school, 99% of judgmental people...
Even now, the society is very judgmental, that's why I hate most people...

They even ranked him the most unpopular person / an outcast (I don't really know why, guess they needed a "most unpopular person" to feel better about themselves)
While I was labeled "popular" (not hot kind of popular) but just because I'm "cool" & quiet
Because I'm always looking down at the ground thinking & they say I look "cool" Seriously?
Who cares about popularity or looks when u have a friend that u can laugh & have fun with?
Wish I can find another friend like that...
So hard for me to actually trust someone...

Don't know why  but even though over-analyzing is stressful, sometimes I still love it...
Do I have a problem? Do I take pleasure in pain, suffering & stress? (mentally)
Omg, my head's gonna explode... again
Time to shutoff my mind, maybe watch some comedies...
Wait, which one should I watch? or should I do something else? Let me think... [analysis paralysis]...argh!
Oh yeah, screaming helps to relieve stress too

How to relieve stress? How to be happy?
Just stop thinking or worrying too much all the time 
Be happy & carefree once in a while
Scream like a girl once in a while...
Have happy go lucky friends to share your fun & happiness
Don't care what society thinks
Have fun (good comedies always make me laugh & relieve my stress)

Here comes more of my over-analyzing & research... (I just can't help it...)
That explains how it works, the science behind it
Apparently, u can also prolong your life & even lose weight by watching comedies...
Comedies I recommend (Ended): Friends, Scrubs, Arrested Development
(Ongoing): 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men
For a little more than just laughs: Psych, Monk & Leverage are also good TV shows that have a good combination of laughter & wit

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