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Friday, June 17, 2011

Free $200 from LiteForex

Hey guys, found another Forex company offering a free $200 bonus to start investing with them

The LiteForex group of companies is a reputable leader on Forex market, dynamically developing financial company trusted by traders all around the world since 2005

This time those from US can claim it too!
Click HERE to claim your $200

This promotion actually ends 15th June 2011 but is now extended till the 6th of July 2011 since it was extremely popular

In view of many applications, the verification process takes more time than usual
But u'll be awarded with the $200 bonus for this little waiting!

Plz be careful since the risk of using this special promotional account is unusually high compared to their normal accounts

Leverage: 1:200
Margin Call Level 100%
Stop Out Level: 50%

How can u complain? They can't just give away $200 to everyone easily lol

Remember to read other rules to avoid getting disqualified too

Accounts of LF Boom type cannot take part in other bonus promotions, contests, affiliate programs or MultiRebate services

If u want all those promotions, just create a normal account under your same profile (u can have up to 10 accounts in 1 profile)

Bonuses up to 30%
Multi-Rebate up to 1.5 pips!
Lots of contests- a total of $730 just for demo accounts
& a total of $9200 for real accounts every month!

Not to mention a brand new car every year for Malaysians!

Normal accounts also have less risk & more options
Leverage as low as 1:50 or as high as 1:500 if u prefer
Margin Call Level as low as 20%
Stop Out Level as low as 10%
Depending on which type of account u choose
Affiliates can earn up to 2 pips each transaction!
Unlimited Multi-Level Partnership
LiteForex won many awards too, including World Finance Forex Awards: Best Affiliate Program 2010

They even have contests for affiliates!
Here's how much real people earned in May 2011
From at the time this was published

Account number      Commission amount         Prize amount
1   89026                  4242.06$                           1000$
2   75269                  2802.93$                             500$
3   823375                2581.61$                             300$
4   3414                    1991.01$                             100$
5   204133                1714.61$                             100$

So it' possible to earn $4k +$1k in a single month just by referring!
That's not even including how much u can earn by trading yourself!

Click HERE to join the Affiliate Program

But u must be active!

If less than 10 Referrals are drawn within 3 months since opening a Partner’s account, LiteForex can unilaterally terminate Agreement with a subsequent Partner’s notification

For another (smaller but still free) Forex bonus without depositing + Highest CPA Affiliate Program, Click HERE & are owned by the same company

For more info about LiteForex, u can find out here, ask live help or leave a comment

For those who are new to forex, don't pay thousands for forex training!
U can simply start your free forex education at & trade using free practice accounts 1st

Trading currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss
So make sure u're well prepared & only invest money u can afford to lose

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