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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tragic Villains

Ironically, some of the most evil, sick, twisted, sociopaths started out as one of the most kind, caring, thoughtful, good-hearted person who are too trusting, altruistic & naive
Until people who they cared about the most betrays them bitterly...
Suddenly their world fell apart, they don't know who to even trust anymore
They start to become paranoid, mistrustful, calloused, building defensive mechanisms to protect themselves

A prime example is Lex Luthor from Smallville, even though he's fictional
Continuously being betrayed is what that brought out the darkness in him

I don't think of myself as a tragic villain, but i can somehow relate to him
Tragic? Not really, my somewhat miserable past can't really be considered tragic...
Villain? Nah... i mean, i hate ppl, have the occasional thought of "go die plz" but i'm not really evil i suppose...

Every time i realize i'm opening up to others, being too friendly, i remind myself of all the hurt & sorrow from past betrayals...
& quickly build  a wall around me to protect myself, emotionally distancing myself
Better being alone than being betrayed over & over again
I slowly progressed to hating & avoiding people altogether...

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