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Friday, April 1, 2011

Game of the Year- League of Legends

I'm currently playing League of Legends & in love wif it!
It's a real-time strategy game evolved from DotA
If u haven't heard of DotA before, u're missing something!
It's a complicated game where lots of mind games & strategies can be employed
If u're smart & skilled, u can even feel the thrill of owning a full hp enemy when u're low hp!

However, League of Legends is easier to learn yet more fast-paced, more of a team game, more reliant on skill instead of luck, more aggressive, competitive & fun!
Not to mention no lags/dc (Client-server network model, even if u do dc, u can still reconnect), noobs/players out of your league (matchmaking system), leavers (leaver buster system) & maphackers (no documented case, even if someone finds a way to hack, i'm sure it'll be fixed shortly & their account banned)
New updates every 2 weeks to keep u from getting bored

It has also won GameSpy PC Gamers' Choice 2009,
PC Gamer Free-To-Play Game of the Year 2010 &
GDC Online 2010 Best New Online Game among other numerous awards
To date, more than one million gamers play League Of Legends and log more than half a billion minutes of playtime every month
No reason not to try it out!

For North America server-

South East Asia server-

Plz use these links to sign up so i can benefit from the referral system thx

If u're not in US & have Server Blocked, undefined but still wanna join, u can try bypassing it-
Ctrl+L then type:   javascript:setServerStatus(1)
& click play
Choose a server nearest to u, or both like i did, sort of a backup server for me whenever 1 of them is down

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