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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Free PS3 / PSP / X Box 360 Legit or Scam?

Click Here!!

As seen on tv-

Lots of testimonials online claim that it's legit too
Also, no delivery charges!
I decided to give it a try...
But there's a catch, u need to complete an offer before u can claim your free stuff ...
Wait, don't give up hope yet, of course there's no such thing as a free meal

There might be free offers in other countries but if yours have none like mine, read this, if not, skip
Let's do some math
Cheapest offer u need to complete is Rebtel ($10)
 I don't use international calls, might as well flush it down the drain
 Anyway, let's say u waste that $10 on Rebtel, then refer as little as 2 friends only, u can custom order gift to Paypal cashout £34

£1 = 1.67100 USD    £34 = USD 56.814     $56.81-$10 = $46.81
Simply put, u're quadrupling your money from $10 to $46.81!
This is only the minimum amount u stand to profit, more referrals = more profit! (Physical gifts are calculated at £20* per completed referral and for cash or Amazon vouchers at £17 per completed referral.)

There are some terms & conditions
Only one account per IP address per household is allowed
Hiding, disguising or changing IP address through proxy, multiple accounts, fraud, cancelling offers etc will result in account being put on hold & risk being terminated
Check their site for more info

Important: Check  for guidelines else u might not get credited! (It's also a similar website but not available worldwide)

I'll update & show some proof personally if it's really legitimate
Plz click my link & complete an offer to help speed up the process
Click Here!!

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